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Team 2025 – Our goal is an ambitious one. To "End Homelessness Forever" by the end of 2025. Our team consist of individuals, grassroots organizations, small businesses, and large corporations all coming together for a common cause. - Movie being produced to raise money for the cause of homelessness. - Portion of every sale of Herbal Nutrition and Pain Relief products go to help end homelessness.

Veterans Benefits USA – “Protect Those That Protect Us” – Over 62,000 Homeless Veterans Across The USA!  22 Veterans Committing Suicide Everyday!  In 2010 the Department of Veterans Affairs announced a 5 year plan to “End Veteran Homelessness Forever”. States, cities, municipalities, private & non-profit organizations are banning together across the country to show their gratitude and help our heroes.

S.T.E.M. Awareness & Recruitment – “Science, Technology, Engineering and Math” – We Care Worldwide is a founding partner of the STEM Digital Village, which is an online learning community developed specifically for Langston University's STEM students. The concept of the STEM Digital Village was conceived as a way to provide easy access to information in a way that complemented faculty’s personal efforts, provide a range of experiences and opportunities not otherwise readily available to large numbers of students, enable broad networking experiences between current scholars and graduates pursuing advanced STEM degrees or careers and more effectively advertise LINC to potential scholars.

Group Economics - Beyond Beautiful Distribution – “Herbal Nutrition & Pain Relief” + “Youth Entrepreneurship” – Beyond Beautiful started as a beauty supply distributor. Now it imports and exports everything from Herbal Products, Human Hair, Coffee, Wood, and Precious Metals. They also work with young people to teach them how to overcome the challenges of doing business on an international scale. Visit Amun Modern Organics to purchase the best in herbal products, and support Team 2025.

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